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Initax Assessment Solutions, Inc.


Specializing in Personal & Real Property Tax throughout the United States with an emphasis on complex properties.  


Real Property Tax Appeals


Real property tax assessments are the largest indirect tax most businesses bear.  Understanding the nuances surrounding your real property assessment and where potential tax savings reside are key to maintaining the absolute minimum real property tax expense.  Our team of experts represents many different types of clients in real property appeals such as:  industrial/flex space, multi-family complexes, office buildings, hotels including resort casinos, manufacturing plants, mixed-use developments, entertainment venues, and high-end single family residences.

Personal Property Tax Compliance


Our property tax compliance team has over 20 years of experience preparing property tax returns in virtually all jurisdictions in the United States.  Our team’s goal is to minimize our client’s personal property tax expense while delivering a high quality work product at highly competitive fees.  Our team consists of several ex-assessor employees who have a deep understanding of the assessment process from both the client and taxing jurisdiction’s perspective.  We strive to provide our clients with timely and accurate solutions to all of their property tax compliance needs.

Exemption Lookbacks


Does your business qualify for a property tax exemption?  A surprising number of exempt entities unwittingly pay property taxes on property that meets exemption rules under state taxation code.  A review of existing business operations may yield permanent tax savings through identification  of exempt property.  Our team has assisted several non-profits in identifying erroneously assessed property.

Business Personal Property Appeals


Valuation of personal property is one of Initax's pillars of excellence.  The key to winning any property tax appeal is a complete understanding of our client’s business and all challenges the operation faces.  Our team has represented a breadth of industries in personal property appeals including:  Steel manufacturers, Aluminum Extruders, 3D printing equipment manufacturers, green utility producers, Bio-techs, Healthcare providers, the film industry, Semiconductor manufacturing, food processing plants, automobile part manufacturers, and nearly every type of manufacturing or service provider.  If your organization is manufacturing in the United States, it’s highly likely your personal property tax assessment exceeds the actual value of your facility.  Our team can offer a free consultation to determine whether a reduction to your business’ personal property assessment is viable.

Possessory Interest Assessments


Possessory interest assessments are some of the most complex valuations that exist in the property tax world.   Because of that fact, there are numerous factors that can be used to support a lower possessory interest value.  Our team of experts has handled possessory interests in private road construction, local government/private party partnerships, shipping ports, and all manners of PIs. 

Valuation of Embedded Intangibles


Does your company deploy high-tech, computerized equipment in it's day-to-day operations?  In many taxing jurisdictions, software applications embedded within these systems have been deemed exempt from property tax assessment.  Determining the proper value of the embedded software can be challenging.  Proper measurement of the software value, supported by a strong analysis is key to achieving a valuation reduction for embedded intangibles.  Our team has handled several embedded software appeals for bio-tech, medical device, and aerospace manufacturing. 


               OUR SPECIALTY AREAS

Our consultants solve problems for the world’s leading life sciences, consumer products, and retail companies.



Initax Assessment Solutions (IAS) was founded with the singular objective of providing deep technical knowledge to  our clients to maximize property tax savings.   Our team of ex-Big 4 property tax consultants left their positions at the Senior Manager level because we truly believe we offer superior service to the Big 4 at a fraction of their fees.  



IAS strives to provide flexibility to meet our client's cost containment needs. 

ADVISORY SERVICES (Real & Personal Property Appeals)

IAS is pleased to offer a courtesy review of any assessment our clients feel exceeds market value.  Should our initial analysis indicate an assessment that exceeds market value, we are pleased to offer a findings-based fee option where IAS is only paid if our client recovers tax refunds or future tax credits.  A time & expense or flat fee are also available if preferred.

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Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the field of property taxation.  Founded by two Big 4 Senior Managers who both started their careers as Appraisers for local California Assessors, our team has grown annually as we continue to exceed our client’s expectations.  



AS' team has filed over 5,000 personal property tax returns across the United States.  Our team understands the importance of timely, accurate property tax reporting.  Our compliance services include: asset classification reviews (including leasehold improvement build-outs),  review of non-reportable property, review of expensed equipment & CIP, and tax estimation for each return filed.  Our team will prepare a tie-out to the company's trial balance to confirm no taxable property is unaccounted for to minimize any potential exposu

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At Initax, we make our client's purpose, our purpose.

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